Myrah Spa

Delicate wisps of lemongrass float through the air inside, as I stepped over the marble-tiled reception and over a pretty red and brown rug into the waiting area, which is a small and slightly cramped space, only big enough for around three to four people at the most. I was drawn to the black and white patterned tiles lining the walls in the space, which has been designed and conceptualised by Nisha Javeri herself (with a little help from famed architect Fabio Correa...

Runah Salon

I’ve struggled with my views about Runah Salon for years — it sometimes surprises me with impeccable service and at other times, I’ve had to put up with snooty receptionists and downright snarky therapists. But, in the spirit of second chances, I decided to take a chance with what sounded like a luxurious afternoon at the spa, revelling in a treatment that would last 1½ hours. The cheery response I got when I arrived, was a good first sign, so I got in to wait my turn, while they prepared the room for the organic treatment that I was trying out...

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