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I'm an author/poet, writer, editor, lover of the written word (enough not to want to say 'all things content' even though that's what I mean) and hater of 'About Me' pages, profiles, and self-promotion platforms. But because you're new here, read on for a quick run-down of some of my experience so far.

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I'm an experienced, versatile writer and editor with over a decade of professional experience (both print and digital) across various content media and marketing industries.

With a background that spans from handling print features for lifestyle publications to managing digital content for wellness companies, I've honed my writing and editing skills for over a decade, but that's not all I do. 

I manage and lead teams, strategize and build campaigns, and can help you get from 0 to 100, no matter what your content needs are. I'm currently a Content Marketing Manager and freelancer, but I've dipped my toes in all sorts of things in the past... 

  • As the Editor and Head of Content at a media organization, I excelled in managing a team, dealing with clients, and conceptualizing new content for prospective projects in lifestyle, health, retail, and commercial spaces.
  • In addition to my work in media and publishing, I also have a bevy of freelance writing and editing projects under my belt, some of which you can preview across this site. 
  • I've been a travel writer and editor for a lifestyle website, editor and content manager for a short film firm, editor for novels, profiler for celebrities, writer for leadership content, web and app copywriter, food reviewer, health writer, and so much more.

And I've got educational credentials to match! My BA in Literature and an MFA in Fiction allow me to bring a unique and creative approach to all my professional projects, and a well-rounded, quality-first approach to my content management. 

Plus, there's a couple of books! My most recent is called "Sandalwood-Scented Skeletons," and it's pretty interesting if you're into gritty-ethno-religious-minority-poetry type things. 

There's also the spattering of awards and nominations for my stories, essays, opinion pieces, and poetry—of them my favorite being for my short-story-turned-short-film "In Search of a Memory." It won the Tata LitLive story award in 2012, and was then made into a short film (screened at the 2014 IIFA Awards in Miami).

I'll write, edit, proof, analyze, work with UK and US English, discover the perfect beginning, middle, and end to your content, find the team you need for your startup, grow your organic traffic, help with your commercial traffic, assist as you build Landing Pages, write your web copy (contact me for more proof and samples there!), develop your style guides, correct your grammar, stick up for the cumulative sentences when you need them and cut them down to size when you don't (remember, single-sentence novels and staccato micro-essays can both be prize-winners)... and much, much more.

Working with words is fun! 

Reach out to join the party :)

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