The band, whose sound is often called indie rock, sprung from near oblivion to a rock hard fan base in India, especially since they announced that they were going to take Bangalore by storm this weekend. Contrary to gossip and speculation, they aren’t really fascinated with keyboard shortcuts or with triangles, aren’t trying to confuse you with their lyrics and do want to make good music. In keyboardist and backing vocalist Gus Unger’s own words, “We’re just simple guys from Leeds, who got to know each other, started a band and then muddled through it and magicked a Mercury award!” Take a look at what else he’s revealing.

Radhika Vaz

New York-based comedian Radhika Vaz was born and brought up in Bombay and moved around a lot — enabling her to (as she writes on her website) “embarrass myself and move on.” Her routines are witty and filled with topics which are generally considered a bit taboo. Drawing inspiration from friends and family, who, she tells us, “Do and say incredibly stupid things — so it’s an endless stream of material,” the talented comic is all set to tickle our funny bones at her Unladylike show at the NCPA. We find out more from this crazy comic...

Manjari Mankijani

When you ask actor Tom Alter about his experience
filming The Corner Table, he tells us that he loved the
professionalism and emotional connect that
Manjari and her sister (who acts in the film) have towards
their work. But, Manjari is not new to praise as her last short
film, The Last Marble, won Best Film at the Indian Film
Festival of Melbourne, 2012 and Rochester International Film
Festival, 2013. The daughter of Bollywood biggie Mac Mohan
tells us more about her work and her inspirations.

Kylie & Patrick

When you ask Kylie Flavell about her show, she will tell you that she wanted to create something that would encourage people who watched it to follow their heart. To her, that meant leaving her job, moving from Australia to Italy, finding Patrick Drake on a video blog and convincing him to move to Italy and join her. The result is When Patrick met Kylie — A Love of Food Story, a food show that airs from Monday to Friday, at 8pm on FOX Life.We spoke to the cheerful couple about the show, their journey and how they fell for each other while filming it.
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