Mia Cucina

As expected from Mia Cucina, the service was well informed and
willing to take over. So, I decided to trust our waiter’s advice and
ordered the Bombil Fritto (Rs. 175) and Bruschetta Caponata (Rs. 175), both dishes I would never have ordered myself. Don’t underestimate their ability to serve up a surprise with the humble Bombay Duck, as the little pieces were deliciously coated, accompanied by a light salsa that didn’t overpower the flavour of the fish. The bruschetta was another surprise, loaded with Sicilian eggplant relish and mozzarella that melted in my mouth.


Gâteau Français
If you're still pondering over the title, it means French cake!
Bringing Parisian sparkle to Bombay, Sanjana Patel's new patisserie is home to treats she’s perfected, while adding a good dose of French to her vocabulary, as you can see from the menu that’s replete with French terms and phrases that only two types of people will be able to decipher — those familiar with French terms and those familiar with patisserie terms. For the rest, the friendly staff are ready to take you through the menu, so don't despair.
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