Prime zip code aside, the wood flooring, platinum grey upholstery, subtly fragmented (designed to resemble a beehive) panel lighting and icicles dripping down from an arched ceiling lend the entire space a proud patrician air. Those who prefer warm, cosy spaces will not really feel at home in the slightly steely space, but if you’re looking for a swanky dining experience, there’s nothing quite like it. Like most restaurants so obviously built to cater to the upper echelons of society, Jia too will leave your wallet a little lighter. However, the food does stand out enough to warrant the exorbitant prices on the menu, making it more of a worthy indulgence than an extravagance.

Sugar Play

Tasting food is serious business, or at least that’s what I’ve learned over what has been close to a decade sampling all the flavours that Mumbai has welcomed with open arms. If you spend enough time on the task, you can train your palate to identify whether dishes are good or bad, al dente or raw, and whether your soup has packet purees or the real deal. And, while I can’t claim to have a finely-honed palate (or even honed enough to pass the most basic litmus test for chefs), it’s hard to miss a mouthful of mustard in your mousse or a dash of dill in your dessert.


...You look up at curved lamp posts and are greeted by a somewhat confusing mix of the colonial with contemporary décor. It looks pretentious even before you seat yourself on the little wooden chairs, in front of railway-style tables, with a food cart zipping through the narrow layout. It’s smaller than I’d have imagined, and brighter too, and while the polar opposites in the décor don’t impress, one could say it conforms with the idea of the restaurant and the menu itself. Was I blown away? Far from it. But, if you close your eyes and breathe in the scent of curry leaves, wafts of butter, whiffs of chocolate and listen to the slow rumble of wheels scraping across the tiles, you will be prepared to give it all a chance. And you’ll be glad you did.


The last time I walked into Boveda, it was a dimly-lit space that was a throwback to members-only lounges, buzzing with 20-something-year-olds. I remember being quite satisfied with my experience back in 2013, so I was not sure how I felt about Boveda changing to a breezier space with fewer nips and more nibbles. But, it made sense, because unfortunately for Boveda, the resto-pub had not turned into the nightlife hotspot it had once seemed poised to become...


While on a crowded night there isn’t much room to appreciate the décor, if you visit early evening, with the sun still peeking in through the glass, the French windows are a brilliant addition to the quirky space, and the private area (they even offer a personal butler!) makes it the perfect spot for a special occasion. If you’re not fond of coffee or cocktails, try their beer, shots and imported liquor — you’ll never be wanting for choice here.
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