Outside: Issue 7: Here, There & Everywhere

All the other images fade, but for the orange flags. Stiff nylon, fighting lazily against a balmy breeze. Orange. Always the strangest in the spectrum. A colour, a fruit, a flower — all rolled into one lazy word. As if there were no other way to describe the ghastly coalescence of red and yellow. A marriage of pigments, arranged quite conveniently between colours I have mixed feelings about. There was red, a reminder of period blood and bindis and rage and lipstick, muddled with yellow, a seemingly duplicitous shade that spits up images of Wordsworth’s daffodils as quickly as it will Eliot’s yellow fog.


Prime zip code aside, the wood flooring, platinum grey upholstery, subtly fragmented (designed to resemble a beehive) panel lighting and icicles dripping down from an arched ceiling lend the entire space a proud patrician air. Those who prefer warm, cosy spaces will not really feel at home in the slightly steely space, but if you’re looking for a swanky dining experience, there’s nothing quite like it. Like most restaurants so obviously built to cater to the upper echelons of society, Jia too will leave your wallet a little lighter. However, the food does stand out enough to warrant the exorbitant prices on the menu, making it more of a worthy indulgence than an extravagance.

Fratelli Vineyards

If you, like most city slickers, breathe a sigh of relief courtesy cooler weather and open skies outside city limits, roll down your windows and take a deep breath in Akluj. Over six hours of alternating between smooth highways and bad roads, snaking through picturesque villages and looping around lakes can leave you euphoric and exhausted in equal measure. Once we found the sharp curve in the road leading to the vineyards, all traces of trepidation were swept away by the breeze swinging over the rolling hills...

Sugar Play

Tasting food is serious business, or at least that’s what I’ve learned over what has been close to a decade sampling all the flavours that Mumbai has welcomed with open arms. If you spend enough time on the task, you can train your palate to identify whether dishes are good or bad, al dente or raw, and whether your soup has packet purees or the real deal. And, while I can’t claim to have a finely-honed palate (or even honed enough to pass the most basic litmus test for chefs), it’s hard to miss a mouthful of mustard in your mousse or a dash of dill in your dessert.

Incredible Music Festivals in Asia

Lazy white sand beaches, ridiculously cheap alcohol, terrible hangovers, butt-burning spicy food; a typical Asian holiday! It turns out though that Asia has plenty of hidden gems to offer the music enthusiast. Picture camping out in the open, listening to some super chill music and rocking out under the stars. If this sounds like your scene, it’s time to look Eastward for your next music fix! Here are some super awesome music festivals in Asia.
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